2008 - Present: We are no longer producing any foals.

2007: When Bright Day lost her colt, Ventez Noodles (bottom) in 2005, we decided not to breed her again. But, after acquiring Raven in 2006, we decided to breed Bright Day one more time, and this little 2007 filly is the result. She'll be grey. She's healthy, athletic, curious...... She is 2 hours old in this photo. Her name is Ratez MayDay. "Ra" for Raven, "tez" for *Witez II, "May" for the month of her birth, "Day" for Bright Day, her dam. "Mayday" is also for the 1st of May and for the international maritime distress call.

Ratez MayDay
Serya Raven   x   Xanadu Bright Day
Grey Filly, 5/1/2007

2006: One foal was born, a colt named Miracle Twister. He is out of our former foundation mare, Zips Athena, who we donated to Beth Seime's Soaring Eagles Ministry. Athena has never been able to carry a foal to full term. The birth of Twister was truly a miracle.

Miracle Twister
Wyntez Buddy   x   Zips Athena
Bay Colt, 9/11/2006

2005: One foal was born, a colt named Ventez Noodles. He had Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome which is a catch all for difficulties caused by a number of different sources. Despite 24 hour care and nursing, he was called to be with God. He graced our lives for 32 hours.

Ventez Noodles
Serya Raven   x   Xanadu Bright Day
Grey Colt, July 2, 2005 - July 4, 2005