Breeding Fee & Information

2013 Breeding Season

Serya Raven
  • $400 NATRC National Champion mares
  • $750 all others
  • $100 non-refundable booking fee (applied to stud fee)
  • Live foal guarantee
To reserve a breeding to Raven, simply download and complete a Letter of Intent and send it along with your booking fee per mare.

Mare Care
  • $6.00/day for dry mare - includes hay, access to salt and mineral blocks, water
  • $9.00/day for wet mare and foal
  • Veterinary care - at cost
  • Worming - at cost
  • Farrier - at cost
  • Special supplements - owner to please provide
DNA Testing

All Arabian foals born after January 1, 2002 must be DNA tested in order to be registered by the Arabian Horse Association. This also means that both the sire and dam must be tested. Raven has been DNA tested. If your mare has not yet been DNA tested, this test must be done before you can register your foal. To order a DNA test, contact the Arabian Horse Association at (303) 450-4748 or go to the website: The DNA test for the foal will come after you submit the foal's registration application.

Serya Raven